The thing about faith

Imagine you see Jesus Christ walking on water, ask if you can join, He says yes, and you place your feet on that water instead of in it. You can’t describe the miracle of it all, there are no words. But suddenly, when the waves get a little rocky, fear starts to replace your faith… Read More

Twenty fifteen

I know, I know. A new year’s post. I’m groaning too, folks. Why must we all wait until the beginning of a new year to make goals and resolutions? We should be constantly and consistently striving to improve ourselves. But! I’m especially excited for 2015. Just the sound of it makes me feel anxious, happy… Read More


“Continue to share your heart with people even if it’s been broken.” -Amy Poehler This is what this space is for. A place for me to share my thoughts, emotions, desires, goals and stories freely. A new year and a new phase of life calls for breaking comfort zones and making plans. Going through what… Read More