Two Tips for Finding the Perfect Nursing Bra: Kindred Bravely Review

Finding the right nursing bra is often just as hard as breastfeeding itself can sometimes be. With my first baby, I bought a few from Target and called it good. Needless to say, I didn’t know what I was doing and that the ones I bought didn’t cut it. One of them ended up being so tight from me being engorged that I’m positive it contributed to me getting mastitis.

So, I have two nursing bra tips for my soon-to-be mamas:

Try a Few Nursing Bras to get an idea of what you like

I also made the mistake of not trying the bras I had bought out ahead of time, while I was still pregnant. Now that I’m pregnant with baby #2, I’m starting to try them out before little guy comes so I am at least a little bit used to them. Plus, they’re so much more comfortable than regular bras! I know you can’t truly know how much you like a nursing bra until you’re actually nursing, but I truly feel like it’s good to get an idea. This way, you can return anything you don’t like before baby comes.

Make sure you have a few different kinds of nursing bras

So far, some of my favorites have been from Kindred Bravely!

I’ve tried two different types of their nursing bras and love that I now have a couple for different situations.

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My favorite is their Simply Sublime Nursing Bra.

kindred bravely nursing bra

At first glance, I didn’t think it was going to give me enough support (I’m about an F cup right now) but I was pleasantly surprised! I would even feel comfortable wearing this bra out in public, even though it doesn’t have underwire.

It’s also comfortable enough to sleep in AND it’s full coverage and has removable padding. This is a huge bonus for me because the wire-free bras I tried with my first baby didn’t have any. The Simply Sublime‘s clip-downs are easy to use, and I love the large band it has.

This one also comes with an extender you can use to widen the width of the band, which I’ve never seen before! It will be super helpful for fluctuating sizes as my boobs adjust to breastfeeding again. I have a feeling I’ll be living in this one.

kindred bravely nursing bra

Speaking of comfortable to sleep in — my next favorite is their French Terry Scoopback Nursing and Sleep Bra.

This one feels like you’re barely wearing a bra! It’s going to be perfect for those early days of nursing, trying to figure everything out! It will still be able to keep nursing pads in securely but without that tight feeling.

kindred bravely nursing bra

I’ll definitely be sleeping in this one, and actually plan on wearing it to the hospital when I deliver. I love that you don’t have any clip-downs to fuss over with this one and can just pull one side down when you’re ready to nurse. I also LIVE for the amount of coverage it provides in the back. They also have a racerback version of the same bra!

Kindred Bravely has got me “hooked” on their nursing bras. (So punny, right?! 😉 ) But I’m also a big fan of the company’s message: “Kindred” – sticking together as moms and doing it “Bravely.” It makes me think about what makes me brave right now…while being pregnant during a pandemic: this little guy right here. It’s crazy to me how this tiny human that I haven’t even met yet can give me so much courage. But the very clear truth is that I’m doing all of this for him! Putting my body through all of the uncomfy stretching (both physically and emotionally), my health at risk, and my career on the line.

But mamas, you all understand. Our babies make us brave. They are the reason, and they are so worth it. Want to try the bras out for yourself? You can use the code SONJA20 on their website for 20% off your order.

tips for finding nursing bras

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of the bras after I’ve nursed with them for a while!

Which bra do you have your eye on? Tell me in the comments!

Disclaimer: Kindred Bravely sent me the nursing bras to try for free, but all opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting the Joubert Den!