A Clogged Kitchen Sink and Christmas Eve Pregnancy Test: How We Found Out Baby #2 is on the Way

I woke up on the morning of Christmas Eve anxious to take my last pregnancy test. I had been testing for over a week, and kept getting negative results. To my shock and relief — it was positive.

How we announced!

We had been trying for baby #2 since about August 2019, after my husband Cristian finished Air Force Basic Training and our daughter, Jemma, and I moved to California to be with him for his long tech school process. But with all the new adjustments to military life and a couple of other bumps, we didn’t actively start trying until  November. So I was definitely shocked that it only took 2 months of trying this time compared to the 7 with Jemma.

I was especially nervous because one of those “bumps” in our journey to get pregnant again was me ending up in the hospital at the beginning of October with a kidney infection and sepsis. It was the most traumatic experience of my life (my nurses told us that if we had waited to go back to the ER for even just a few hours, I would have died).

That experience, met with the fact that we were on an extremely limited time frame to get pregnant again if we wanted Cristian to be there for the birth, made me very nervous for whatever was going to happen. I was also feeling what I like to call “the pull” from another spirit child, anxious and ready to come to earth.

We missed our chance in October because of my infection (even after my hospital stay and a couple of weeks of recovery on oral antibiotics at home it kept coming back), and then didn’t have any luck in November. My reoccurring infection was frustrating and scary, but my urologist was convinced I was OK because every test she ran (ultrasounds, a cystoscopy, etc.) turned out fairly normal. So we decided to keep trying for a baby.

I told Cristian that if I didn’t get pregnant by February, we were going to have to wait to try again to time it right for baby to be born at our First Duty Station (which we aren’t arriving at until Spring 2021).

December comes and I was hopeful that it was the month! But of course, I got ANOTHER UTI. I told my doctors that there was a chance I could be pregnant, but that I would have just barely conceived. They put me on a pregnancy safe antibiotic regime for a couple of weeks and it cleared up.

I was having MAJOR heartburn and was sooo hoping it was an early pregnancy symptom, even though I didn’t have it that early with Jemma. Heartburn was also a side effect of my antibiotic, but I had been on the same one in October and hadn’t had any heartburn with it. I was so hopeful!

So I started taking pregnancy tests as early as I thought I could — ever since having Jemma my cycles were usually around every 24 days instead of the 28 it was before so it is sometimes hard to tell when exactly I’m ovulating without taking an ovulation test. I was pretty sure I got it right that month though. So I started testing with First Response 6 days before I THOUGHT my period would come (because I’m crazy and have zero patience). My first and second ones were negative. I thought I saw the verrrryyy faintest of lines but decided it was probably just an evap line. I tried again the next day and it was negative again. So I ordered the Clear Blue Digital tests from Amazon (the ones that actually say pregnant vs not pregnant) and waited a couple of days for them to arrive. I tried as soon as I got them in the mail (even though it wasn’t my first pee of the day) and yep…”not pregnant.” So I waited until the next morning to test again (I had 3 tests) and got the same result. I was so sad and decided at this point that I would just wait for my period to come because apparently I wasn’t pregnant.

My family arrived for Christmas and I tried to put it all behind me and enjoy their visit — mine and Cristian’s first time hosting Christmas.

The night before Christmas Eve our house was packed with my entire family and somehow during dinner, our kitchen sink got clogged. I come into the kitchen watching Cristian and my brother in law using the toilet plunger to try and unclog it. Now, if you know me you know how I am with germs. I FREAKED out…tears, anxiety attack and all. Cristian told me to just go upstairs and relax, and they assured me that they had it taken care of and would make sure everything was sanitized.

I went up to our bed and cried and cried. My mom came up, sat on my bed and asked what was wrong.

I said, “Mom, I’m two days late.”

She knew we were trying and said, “Well isn’t that a good thing?!”

I explained I wasn’t sure because of how unpredictable my period could sometimes be — that I was two days late if it was a 24 day cycle but could still be totally on track if it was one of those random months that I was 26 or 28 days. So I was being extra emotional because I was either pregnant, or my period was coming. I had one test left so I decided to take it first thing in the morning — Christmas Eve.

And finally — I read “PREGNANT.”

I almost immediately told Cristian (after hiding the evidence, of course) that I had to go to Target for one more last minute gift. Which was 100% the truth! 😉 I had been planning on telling Cristian a very specific way for months. And luckily, Target had ONE more “best sister” shirt in 2T left. I came home, wrapped it in a gift bag and told Cristian to bring Jemma (who had just woken up) into our bedroom because I had a Christmas present for both of them.

They opened it together and it was the best reaction!


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I had told Cristian about the negative pregnancy test results, but he also knew that it wasn’t for sure yet until my period came. And every time I complained about my heartburn he told me I was pregnant and was sure of it.

I’ve been on a nightly antibiotic since I told my urologist I was pregnant for sure, and my OB has been keeping on top of it and everything. Many of you know that Jemma was born at home, and as much as it breaks my heart to choose the hospital this time (especially with this whole pandemic going on)… we have to because TriCare (the military health insurance) doesn’t cover the birth portion of a homebirth in our area. It was a hard decision to make, but it was either a few thousand dollars out of pocket vs. 100% free. I was working full time doing social media for a local hotel before COVID shut everything down, but have been furloughed for the past 3 months so we know we’re making the right decision financially. And with what’s been going on with my kidneys, we figured me having an established relationship with an OB who has privileges at our closest hospital was a very good thing, just in case I were to get another infection.

But other than that and some really bad sciatica everything is going really well! I’m 30 weeks TODAY and can’t believe it! Sometimes it feels like this pregnancy has flown by and sometimes it feels like it will never end 😉 I’ve also had some pretty bad perinatal depression but I don’t want to give much space to it in this post.

COVID has definitely put a damper on a lot of this pregnancy…for example, Cristian wasn’t allowed to come to my anatomy scan (we wanted to find out the gender together in the room this time) so I had them put the gender in an envelope and we opened it together at home. We made the most of it, though, and had so much fun with it! I actually made it into a TikTok you can watch below!

@sonyjoubertIt’s a….(also please appreciate my hubby’s scream 😂) ##genderreveal ##babygenderreveal ##coronavirus ##fyp ##OwnTheCurve ##couplesoftiktok ##married♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

That’s right! Baby #2 is a BOY!

I felt like I knew it the entire time. Especially since my symptoms were night and day different from when I was pregnant with Jemma. For example, I had barely any morning sickness my first trimester and haven’t even thrown up once! (I know, I feel like a fraud sometime haha!)

We’re so excited and can’t wait to meet this little man. We have two full names to decide between, but haven’t figured out which one we like best yet and probably won’t until he comes. Who knows, we might even need to think of another. Boy names are HARD!!

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