Self Care for Moms: 3 Practical Tips

Self care for moms isn’t always easy to get. It can be hard to feel like we’re able to take care of ourselves when our littles take up all of our time. However, there are plenty of ways to practice self care that don’t take a ton of time. Here’s my 3 tips:

Take CARE of yourself

Self care for moms (and anyone else!) doesn’t have to mean a day at the spa or an indulgent treat. True self care = taking care of yourself. That means taking care of not only your mind/spirit, but your body too! It may not instantly feel like self care, but you will notice changes and thank yourself for it soon after! It can mean 30 minutes at the gym, drinking half your body weight in ounces each day, or even something so simple as trying a new skin care routine.

self care for moms tips skin care

self care for moms

Lately I’ve been loving Eva Naturals for mine! I’ve NEVER been the kind of girl to use skincare…my definition of skin care is usually splashing my face with some water while I’m in the shower. But! That’s one of the great things about Eva Naturals — their products are so easy to use.

I’ve been trying their Retinol Serum, Vitamin C Serum, Skin Clearing Serum, and Eye Gel.

All of these products require just a clean face! I usually shower at night, so I just apply after my shower and before bed. It could also be done in the morning, though.

how to practice self care as a mom

skincare for moms self care

Just a few notes about the products I’ve been using:

Vitamin C 20% Anti-Aging Serum


This topical vitamin C serum helps boost collagen production, has lavender which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles (and is super relaxing so I LOVE this one before bed!), and protects your skin from the sun.

Skin Clearing Serum

This one is similar to the Vitamin C serum but with a boost! Not only can it repair sun damaged skin (which as a redhead, I have a lot of), but skin damaged from acne and other skin conditions, too. It helps even skin tone by naturally reducing inflammation.  I’ll use this one maybe once a week.

Retinol Serum

self care for moms eva naturals

Talk about anti-aging. This one has 2.5% retinol (the strongest available) which makes it mega anti-wrinkle and helps fade brown spots. It also has Jojoba, Vitamin E, and Witch Hazel for skin protection and smoothing.  I’ll alternate this one and the Vitamin C anti-aging for my nightly serum.

Eye Gel 


eva naturals eye gel

OK, this is my favorite Eva Naturals product. As a mom, I get SUPER dark circles under my eyes and in the corners between my eyes and nose due to not always getting the best sleep and chasing a toddler all day. This eye gel is a miracle worker and helps ease those dark circles, puffiness (with Frankincense and Gotu Kola) and even crows feet. You just dab it around your eye area, cheeks, and forehead. It can be used morning and night, and can be worn under makeup.

eva naturals skincare eye cream

Sneak a (healthier) treat

Self care for moms also doesn’t mean you need to go all out to have a little indulgence. I like keeping Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt bars in my freezer. They have live and active cultures (yay, probiotics!), are only 80-130 calories, and have 5-6 grams of protein.

Another quick treat I’ve been loving is Kodiak Cakes’ brownie cups. Their Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor is soo addictive! They also have muffin cups.

Go Out by Yourself

This is a big one for me. Even if it’s only for an hour. Going out by yourself and spending some time with just YOU away from your kids can help relieve stress and lets you focus on you for a change. I like to go do some shopping (even if it’s not for me) and get lunch by myself. So therapeutic!

What are your favorite ways to practice self care as a mom? Let me know in the comments!

I couldn’t NOT share this picture of my Jemmy girl. THAT BELLY! You’re welcome 😉

Disclaimer: While this post was sponsored by Eva Naturals and I received free product to review, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting The Joubert Den.