5 Facebook Groups for Air Force Wives

Whether or not you’re a brand new Air Force wife (or girlfriend) or a seasoned one, living the military life can sometimes feel daunting. I often feel like I’m on information overload, and often have questions I need answered quickly. That’s when I turn to an (or two or three of) Air Force Facebook group I’m in! The support I’ve found from the people in these groups has been so incredibly helpful on this journey.

Air force family

So, to make it easier for you, I’m rounding up 5 Facebook groups for Air Force Wives/Spouses you need to join NOW. Keep in mind that you will most likely have to answer a series of questions before an admin accepts you to the group.


Air Force MOMS BMT

Now, the name makes it sound like it’s just for moms but the MOM actually stands for “Mentoring our Military.” I love this group! They are similar to Air Force Wingmoms, but without the corporation feel. You can also get connected to your spouse’s flight group this way if they are at BMT. (This is a must! So helpful during basic training.) CLICK HERE to join.

You can also access the Air Force MOMS BMT website here.

Air Force Spouse & MILSO

This is the spouse’s group for Air Force MOMS BMT. CLICK HERE to join.

Air Force Wives, Fiancees, and Girlfriends

This is a MUCH smaller group when it comes to members. However, that can be helpful sometimes since there isn’t hundreds of questions being posted to it daily. I’ve enjoyed being a member along with the other larger Facebook groups I’m in. CLICK HERE to join.

Air Force BMT Shippers Community 

While this Air Force Facebook group isn’t specifically for spouses, I found it EXTREMELY useful when my husband was in the process of enlisting and when he was in basic training. I’m not a member anymore simply because I don’t have need for it anymore. But I highly suggest it for those in the beginning stages. I used it to ask questions about timelines, BMT, etc. and I also got TONS of great advice for BMT graduation weekend. CLICK HERE to join.

AFWM Spouse DG

OK, I’m a little apprehensive recommending this group. While I am still a member and think it’s a great group, I don’t use it much anymore. AFWM (Air Force Wing Moms) is a website that has a lot of really helpful information about BMT and graduation weekend. They say that they are a non profit organization, but I have heard that they are a corporation. They do accept donations, which seems a little sketchy to me. Either way, the group does have a great deal of helpful info. You will be required to like their main page to join, so keep that in mind.

One thing I specifically do not like about this group is that they will delete any and all questions regarding BMT. They force you to use your AFWM flight group for those because the admins “have been to graduation many times and know the answers to your questions.” So that was annoying, because they would actually often not know and have to double check for me, OR heaven forbid, I wanted multiple opinions on something (for example, I wanted to know if I should hold my 1 year old daughter during the coin ceremony tap out or not). BUT again, when it comes to other spouse specific questions and advice, it’s usually pretty great. They also have a lot of documents in the “files” section that are super helpful, including ones on DITY (PPM) moves, Tricare, pay, getting your dependents ID, PCSing overseas, and more. CLICK HERE to join.

BONUS: There are also Air Force Facebook groups out there specifically for your Airman’s technical school. AND there’s usually quite a few for whatever area you PCS to. To find them try searching on Facebook or asking around in one of the above groups!


Please keep OPSEC in mind when posting and commenting in these Air Force Facebook groups and everywhere else on Facebook and social media. This protects your Airman, you, your family, and other Airman/members of the military. OPSEC is a way to protect sensitive information. NEVER share exact dates (ESPECIALLY for deployments and TDYs…locations too) and be careful about what you say about your Airman. Click here for more about OPSEC and social media.