Best Postpartum Leggings For Working Out

Working out postpartum has been a journey for me. Getting into a work out routine that makes me feel successful has been tricky, but I’m finally feeling like I’m getting there! Almost a year later… But I’m learning to give myself grace and appreciate my body for the miracle it’s accomplished. Having work out clothes I feel comfortable and confident in helps a ton. Thankfully, I’ve found the best postpartum workout leggings that not only hold me in, but make me look cute too! Here’s the details:

postpartum workout leggings

Where to find the best postpartum workout leggings

FABLETICS. I was skeptical about Fabletics at first, especially since there was no way for me to try them on before ordering. (There are some stores, but the closest one to me is 45 minutes away.) However, I signed up, ordered two leggings and FELL. IN. LOVE.

Get 2 leggings for $24 here!

Fabletics postpartum workout leggings

Why Fabletics?

Compression + high waisted

Many of their leggings come with compression built in. Being postpartum, you’re likely to have a bit of loose skin in your tummy area. Having leggings that are high waisted with compression are a dream for a postpartum mama like me who still has a soft stomach.  Plus, the high waist on Fabletics‘ leggings is the best I’ve ever worn. I had a pair of tried and true Old Navy high waisted leggings that constantly roll down at the waist — even though they’re high waisted.

This is me wearing an old pair of leggings vs. my Fabletics leggings

Fun/flattering designs + colors

Something I really love about Fabletics is that they have so many different kinds of leggings in different designs and colors. This means you have a ton of options to choose from when buying postpartum workout leggings. Keep in mind that Fabletics makes new designs often, so stock is sometimes pretty limited. Here I’m wearing the Ultra High-Waisted Statement Powerhold Legging. They’re unfortunately sold out now, but the High-Waisted Solid Powerhold Leggings are similar and a great choice for postpartum mamas. Fabletics’ Powerhold leggings have the highest level of compression to really hold you in.

postpartum leggings

Leggings for all types of postpartum workout

Fabletics makes leggings perfect for whichever way you prefer to workout: yoga, weight-lifting, cycling, running…you name it.

Here’s some of my favorites:

The price/VIP program

You cannot beat the price for the quality of Fabletics. We all know babies can be expensive. So affordable postpartum workout leggings? Perfect for mamas trying to be budget smart.

With the Fabletics VIP program, you can get 2 leggings for $24 when you sign up. The VIP program doesn’t cost anything to sign up, but it will charge you $49.99 each month (which turns into site credit) afterwards unless you skip that month. You can skip however many times you want.  VIP status gets you 50% off all the time, and then you can also take advantage of sales. You can also cancel your membership whenever you like.

Get 2 leggings for $24 here!

If you need another option for postpartum workout leggings, I’ve heard these Amazon ones are a Lulu Lemon dupe. Plus, some sizes/colors are available with Amazon Prime!

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