Tips For Having Better Scripture Study As A Mom

Something I’ve REALLY struggled with since my daughter was born is scripture study. And every time I’m going through something hard or I’m having challenges with the huge adjustment that is motherhood, I know the answer to all of my problems is to read my scriptures. But since this has been such a struggle for me the past year, I recently asked myself how I could improve my desire to read. The thought to find a Book of Mormon journal came to my mind.

book of mormon journal mom

That’s when I discovered Line Upon Line, a company that makes heirloom quality journaling editions of the Book of Mormon. I realized that having a Book of Mormon journal would streamline my study process — since I can read and take notes in one book. As a mom, this is so helpful and important, since I really only have a few minutes a day to study.

book of mormon journal edition

book of mormon journal line upon line

Here’s some more tips to have better scripture study f0r moms who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

Find a time of day that works and stick to it

Developing a routine when it comes to scripture study will help you develop the habit and you’ll end up feeling weird the days you aren’t able to read. The times I’ve kept a study pattern down were always because I had some sort of scripture study routine — whether it was on my phone for 10 minutes before bed or for half of my train ride commute each morning before my internship (5 years ago…eeek). And we all know as moms that time is precious. Wake up 10 minutes earlier if you have to! But don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two or three. Heavenly Father excepts the best we can do!

book of mormon journal mom study tips

Find a place

It’s important to find a study place that best fits your learning style. Is it hard for you to focus in your bed? Sit at your kitchen table. Do you need quiet? Study in your closet or bathroom if you have to. For me, I like being comfortable so my bed or the couch is the perfect place for my scripture study. I can lay out my Book of Mormon journal and wrap myself up in a blanket all cozy.

book of mormon study tips motherhood

book of mormon journal mom study tips

Use the Church Library app’s study plan tool

There’s a new tool on the Church Library app that helps you develop a study plan. To access it, open the app to a new Library tab. Click the “study plans” section.

Follow the prompts to create your schedule! You can choose from pretty much any of the content available on the app — scriptures, general conference talks, Come Follow Me, etc.

You can even set it up to remind you to read at a specific time of day.

Once your schedule is selected and you’ve set the reminder (if you wish, you don’t have to set a reminder), your study plan will show up in the “Study Plans” section.

So cool, right?!

Choose a Book of Mormon journal that fits your style

Something I really love about Line Upon Line is how many colors their journals come in. I chose the Seafoam color because I felt it was really timeless, and green is my favorite color! I also figured it would look good sitting on my book shelf or coffee table with the style of decor I like. Other colors I love are the Peony (a beautiful blushy pink!), Honey (gold), and Dove (gray). I want to get the Navy or Ocean one for my husband!

book of mormon journal edition

More reasons why I love the Line Upon Line Book of Mormon journal

  • The margins are WIDE. You can use them for doodling, writing notes, etc.

book of mormon journal edition

  • The design is beautiful. There’s a cover page to each book within the Book of Mormon journal — which also means more space to write thoughts down.
  • It’s quality. The book itself is sturdy, and the pages are sooo much thicker than those tissue paper thin ones that you’re used to.
  • The font is large. This is great for those tired mom eyes! (I swear my vision has gotten even worse since being pregnant so I especially love this.)
  • Lay flat binding. With this, you can read your Book of Mormon journal pretty much anywhere! Also great for on the go mamas.

book of mormon journal edition

book of mormon journal edition line upon line

What are your favorite scripture study tips? Comment below!

While I received a Line Upon Line Book of Mormon journal to review, all opinions are my own.