7 Birth Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

Getting ready to have a baby can be exciting, beautiful, stressful and scary all at once. Something that really helped me when I was pregnant was following birth related accounts on Instagram. There’s so much great information out there on Instagram from doctors, midwives, doulas, fellow mamas and other birth-positive people. Following birth Instagram accounts made me not so nervous to birth my own baby.

birth instagram accounts

Here’s 7 birth Instagram accounts you should follow:

Empowered Birth Project

The Empowered Birth Project’s Instagram feed (@empoweredbirthproject) is one of my favorites. It’s run by an RN, and features birth stories and photography from all kinds of birth — hospital, c-section, home birth, unassisted, etc.  They seek to “Remind birthing people of their power” and to heal through story telling.

Birth Without Fear

This birth Instagram account @birthwithoutfear does exactly what it’s name says — helps women (and their partners) birth without fear. It’s another favorite of mine, and its sister account, @takebackpostpartum, is an amazing resource for mamas postpartum.

Birth Becomes Her

Even though this birth Instagram account, @birthbecomesher says in its description “tools and support for new and experienced birth photographers,” everything they post can help mamas, too. Just seeing some of the images and video can be so helpful when preparing to give birth.

Badass Mother Birther

The name of this account, @badassmotherbirther also says it all! I absolutely loooove the name badass mother birther because it’s so true — all mamas are badasses for giving birth! Unfortunately, many of the photos and videos on this birth Instagram account (and a lot on all of the others mentioned) are censored and you need to click on the photo and then “see photo” in order to view it because some users have reported it as “offensive or disturbing.” This is a whole other subject, but Instagram supposedly started changing their community guidelines to allow uncensored photos and videos of birth A YEAR AGO, but it’s still happening.

So the more you follow and like the photos on these birth Instagram accounts, the more support you are giving the birthing community.


Ok this account, @birthtube, is the perfect resource for expecting mamas and their partners. It’s linked to their website, birthtubelive.com, where birth stories of all kinds are shared. Stories they currently have on the site include births dealing with placenta accreta, gestational diabetes, cervical lips, VBACs, home births, C-sections, etc. Just watch this video above of a mama giving birth in a MOVING car!

Home Sweet Home Birth

Created by holistic nurse midwife Anne Margolis, @homesweethomebirth is for all things home birth. Being a home birth mama myself, I LOVE how this account celebrates home birth and shows that it’s not scary to have a baby at home.

Sacred Birth Doula

Unfortunately, Black women have a number of risks that women of other races don’t have when being pregnant and giving birth. This in turn can cause discrimination from medical professionals and birthing Black women often feel neglected and not treated as an individual. This birth Instagram account, @SACREDBIRTHDOULA, helps bring that to light, how we can change it, and how ALL births are beautiful, no matter the color.

Did I miss your favorite birth Instagram account? Tell me in the comments below!