Best Baby Wipes: 5 Brands Ranked

Having a baby means you change A LOT of diapers. There will be blowouts, your baby will probably pee and/or poop on you during a diaper change. The last thing you want is wipes that don’t do the job. I’ve tried sooo many different kinds and have found the best baby wipes.

Best baby wipes list

Here they are, ranked, from our least to most favorite:

5. Parents Choice Shea Butter Baby Wipes

This is the Walmart brand of wipes. We love the scent of these. They were the first wipes we ever used on Jemma and so weirdly enough, the smell of them reminds me sooo much of her newborn days.

However, they tend to fall apart very easily. So they’re not the best baby wipes, but I would probably buy them out of any other Walmart brand wipes. Pros: They are hypoallergenic and do not contain chlorine, alcohol, dyes, or phthalates so they’re safe for face, hands, and bums.

You can purchase the Parents Choice Shea Butter Baby Wipes at Walmart for $1.62 for a pack of 80. They also sell them in 240, 800, and 1200 counts.

4. Pampers Complete Clean Baby Wipes

We are super loyal to Pampers (the Pampers Swaddlers are the ONLY diapers we put on Jemma), and these wipes definitely deserve to be on the best baby wipes list. They are pretty much your standard baby wipes, and are also hypoallergenic, with 0% parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfume, alcohol, or dyes.

Downsides: these wipes stick together SOO MUCH when you’re trying to pull them out. We’ve tried both the unscented (Complete Clean Sensitive) and scented versions, and we don’t love the smell of the scented version. I also feel like they can be not as wet as I’d like sometimes, and they’re not very thick.

You can buy Pampers Complete Clean Baby Wipes for a decent price at pretty much any grocery store or place like Walmart or Target. Amazon also sells them in various count sizes.


3. Huggies One and Done Cucumber and Green Tea Scented Baby Wipes

Honestly, these tie with Pampers Pure for second best baby wipes. It’s mostly the scent that makes them sooo good! They are definitely the best smelling baby wipes we’ve found. It’s such a refreshing scent and I love it so much I would use them on my own face!

Other pros: these wipes are super thick, like fabric. Some of the thickest we’ve used! “One and Done” is still impossible in my opinion if you’re changing a poop diaper, but you have to use less than other wipes. They’re also hypoallergenic with no harsh chemicals. Another plus is that they are ph-balanced, so they are super gentle.  AND they’re reasonably priced. Cons: these wipes also fall apart sometimes, but not nearly as much as the Parents Choice ones.

You can also purchase the Huggies One and Done Wipes at most places. Amazon sells refill packs.

2. Pampers Pure Baby Wipes

We love Pampers Pure because they’re made with 99% water. The other 1% includes dermatologically tested cleansers and PH-balancing ingredients. They’re still free of alcohols, dyes, parabens, and fragrances, with no ethanol or drying alcohol.

It’s also great that they’re enhanced with premium cotton. However, these ones can get pretty wet (almost too wet) but they are awesome for when baby has sensitive skin or has a diaper rash and needs simple wipes.

Pampers Pure wipes can be bought at most places, like Target, Walmart and grocery stores. Amazon has some great deals.

1. The Honest Company Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

Honest company baby wipes, best baby wipes ranked

Drumroll please….we have found the BEST baby wipes! I really can’t say enough good things about these wipes. They are fragrance free, so there’s no weird smell. Most importantly for us though, is that they are plant-based and biodegradable. They’re infused with a botanical blend of pomegranate, chamomile, cucumber and masterwort leaf. PLUS, they are a hygiene-grade cloth (but still plant-based!) and are the most durable wipes we’ve used. They don’t fall apart, and rarely stick together. These wipes have the right level of wetness (are also 99% water), and we love that they’re embossed, almost like a quilt!

I especially love that because they’re plant-based, I can use them to clean off Jemma’s high chair and toys, along with her bum, face, and hands! It’s even better that they aren’t tested on animals.

Honest Company has a designer collection of wipes that are SO CUTE and girly. They’ve got this cute watercolor design and a holographic emblem on the snap lid. As silly as it may sound, they definitely make changing diapers feel less icky and more fun.

The one con is that they are the most expensive option, and are harder to find in stores. I’ve seen them in Target, and purchased some at Walgreens for a little over $5 for a pack of 72 wipes. However, Amazon does have some decent prices on larger quantities. We got a pack of four resealable packs (total of 288 wipes) for $18.04, but Amazon has a coupon of $4 off for your first purchase (larger coupon for larger amount of wipes) so the total was $14.04. That comes out to $3.51 per pack of 72 wipes!

We love them and will swear by them forever!

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