Post-Baby Getaway: How To Plan A Romantic Trip For Just The Two Of You

Parenthood, especially for first-time parents, is a huge life adjustment. It will impact your daily routines, home dynamic, and relationship. The need to stay emotionally and intimately connected is even more important than before — because the more connected you are as a couple, the better you’ll be able to take care of that sweet baby. Something that can help is a romantic post-baby getaway.

My husband, Cristian, and I recently took a 3-night getaway to Vegas, and I am now a firm believer in taking a little trip together, just the two of you, within your new baby’s first year.

Tips for having the perfect post-baby getaway, or “post-baby moon”

1. Choose where you would like to go

We chose Las Vegas for our post-baby getaway, since it’s relatively close to where we live (under a 6 hour drive). We knew there would be plenty of things for us to do (even though we don’t gamble or drink!), and that a hotel room would be relatively cheap.

2. Find a babysitter you trust

Since we live with my parents right now, we were lucky to leave our little Jemma (almost 10 months old) with them while we went on our post-baby getaway. However, I needed to find a babysitter for when my parents were both working. I thought of asking someone in my church congregation to take her for a few hours each day, but then my mom suggested I ask my grandmother if she would be willing to come stay with them to help out. She only lives a little over an hour away, so it made sense to ask her. She was thrilled to be given the opportunity, and was more than willing to watch Jemma.

3. Decide how long you can be gone for

This will depend on your babysitter. You’ll have to take into consideration their schedule, and whether or not you will be paying them. You also need to decide how long you’re willing to be away from your baby! We knew we would miss her, but decided we needed 3 nights away, since a good portion of our first and last day there would be travel.

And of course, how long you can be gone for depends on if your baby is formula fed or still breastfeeding. If still breastfeeding, you’ll need to make sure you have enough frozen breast milk stored. Plus, you will need to bring a pump with you so you don’t lose your supply. The Motif Duo Breast Pump is battery operated and great for travel! 

4. Book your hotel room and other activities

Once you’ve decided where to go on your post-baby getaway and have found a babysitter, it’s time for the fun stuff! Book your hotel room and any other activities you may want to do. Since we were going to Vegas, we knew we wanted to see a show or two (can you say Backstreet Boys?!) and that we wanted to EAT.

We also wanted to stay within budget. I definitely suggest sitting down when you start planning and go over how much you can spend on your trip. You should set aside a budget for accommodations, travel (flights or gas/rental car), food, entertainment, and souvenirs.

I also recommend using Airbnb. It saved us a ton of money in Las Vegas! While hotel rooms in Vegas are pretty inexpensive (they expect you to use most of your money in their casinos), they almost always come with resort fees, which is usually around an extra $5o a night on top of the price of your room. This might be true for other cities you may choose. Booking through Airbnb means no resort fees. You won’t have maid service and will have to pay a cleaning fee (usually $80), but it’s so worth it. Some people own hotel rooms in Vegas resorts and rent them out, which is how we were able to Airbnb our room. For 3 nights, we ended up spending around $270, which was about $90 a night.

Plus, if you use this link to book your Airbnb, you can save $40. (On first-time bookings $75 or more. If you’ve already used your Airbnb account to book before, you can set up one for your spouse or just make a new one with a different email address).

5. Plan for intimate time/experiences

This is the whole reason you’re going on this trip, right?! While spontaneity is often important in intimacy, scheduling time for it on your post-baby getaway means nothing else will get in the way.

Mentionables lingerie post-baby getaway

And if anything, you can plan for what you will wear! Finding lingerie that makes my postpartum body comfortable and confident was really important for me before our trip. Mentionables, an online, model-free lingerie company, helped me find it! I’ve been a fan for a while, and just knew they had the right kind of pieces I was looking for.

Here are some things to look out for while choosing lingerie for your postpartum body:


Different styles will fit different on certain body types. So find one you are most comfortable in! The most common styles are babydoll, teddy, chemises, rompers, and bra/panty sets. If you are still hanging on to some of the baby weight (I sure am! No shame if you are, too), a babydoll or chemise might be your most flattering option. But don’t be afraid to try something different! I’ve always been convinced that a teddy wouldn’t look good on me. Then, I saw this one on Mentionables’ site and fell in love.

I was hoping the high leg cut and the vertical black stripes (that almost look like boning) would hide some of my problem spots and I was so right!

Mentionables lingerie post-baby getaway

Mentionables lingerie post-baby getaway

The details are so sexy and romantic. It’s my husband’s new favorite. And because of Mentionables’ model-free website and social media, I didn’t feel weird or awkward showing him a few pieces I had my eye on, and he picked this one!

Here are a few other Mentionables pieces I think would be great for mamas:

Click on the piece to shop


Choose a color that compliments your skin tone/hair but most importantly, makes you feel HOT in!

Fabric type

Are you a lacy or silky girl? The fabric of your lingerie will definitely make or break your comfort level.


Ok. This is where I want to get extra real with you. Take. Your. Measurements. This will ensure you won’t end up with the wrong size. Thankfully, Mentionables makes it super easy to return/exchange your piece if it doesn’t fit. However, measuring yourself will prevent this from happening in the first place.

When I took my measurements for the piece I got for our post-baby getaway, I was a little defeated when I looked at the size chart and realized I was plus size. Plus size! I’ve never been plus size in my life. My husband comforted me, ensured that I was sexy, and said it was ok! And you know what? It is ok. And when I tried that plus sized piece of lingerie on for him for the first time, I didn’t even remember that it was a plus size. A size is just that…a size. That’s it. And if it’s the right size for you, fits perfectly and makes you look smokin? Even better.

6. Pack for romance

We brought a few of our favorite candles from home, some sparkling cider (since we had an Airbnb, I contacted the host to make sure they had glassware), and bath bombs. You could also bring hot cocoa, pop corn and some candy for a Netflix and chill session 😉

7. Relax!

Even if everything doesn’t go perfectly on your post-baby getaway, remember that you are spending quality time with your significant other and that’s what’s special! It’s time away from your baby (or babies!) to take a break, reconnect, and breathe. Cristian actually got sick for an entire day of our trip, and we were both pretty bummed about it. But we didn’t let it hold us back and we still had fun.

Where would you go on your post-baby moon? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: While I was sent a Mentionables lingerie piece for free to review, all opinions are my own.