Family Photos + A Life Update

We took some family photos this fall and I’m just now getting around to sharing them! #momlife! But I’m working on getting our Christmas cards sent out, so I thought now would be a great time. 🙂

You might be able to tell…but we took these photos on two different days. The plus of making your brother take them! I did the editing myself. 

Cristian has been growing out his beard and it’s gotten quite impressive! 

I figured a life update was due. Well, we are still living with my parents as we try and decide what’s next for our little family. 

For the past few months Cristian has been preparing to *probably* enlist in the Air Force. Joining the military was NEVER something he planned on doing. Both of his parents were in the military and he vowed never to join. Then, after one of his best friends who is in the Air Force visited us this summer, that changed. 

Cristian has a DEEP love of languages and went to school for international studies/linguistics. Our plan after moving here was for him to find a job that could turn into his dream career. And when he heard the Air Force has a need for linguists right now, he began to truly consider it. 

And he still is — it’s our number one option right now, but we’ve come into a little bit of a road block for the time being and a WHEN he can enlist isn’t so clear to us right now. 

Sometimes (aka all the time) I just want to eat her… 😉

The other thing is that I don’t love the idea. I’m trying to come around to it, but it scares me a little bit. I hate the thought of him ever being away from us (even though the Air Force supposedly deploys the least out of all of the branches). 

Some of my other concerns include being far away from family, being under a contract and Cristian hating it, and the pay. The Air Force isn’t accepting more people into officer candidate school until 2020 so he would have to straight enlist and work up to officer. So, the highest he can enlist as is E3 and the pay isn’t great. I know it all adds up with the housing and food allowances, and that we would have healthcare. But it still makes me a little nervous for some reason. Cristian shares my concerns.

However, we are excited for all of the possibilities the military could provide us, like with the opportunity to live abroad someday. 

Like with any major life decision, it’s nerve wracking to say the least. But I know that if it’s what we’re supposed to do, Heavenly Father will help us get there. And make me feel better about it. 😉

The plan right now (if we feel it is right) is for Cristian to take the ASVAB next month. Then hopefully go to basic before spring. His technical school for the job he wants would be in Monterey, CA and it would be 8 months so we would get to come with him! So that’s definitely a plus. If they don’t give him the job he wants and it’s just some random one, he won’t join. We would then choose to stay here in Utah and opt for plan B (which we’re still trying to figure out…eek). 

Our dream is for our first station to be Hill Air Force Base (I would LOVE to live in Layton again). But of course, we would go wherever we need to! 


So, if any of you have advice for us when it comes to joining the military, we would love it! Especially if you are an Air Force Wife — I’d love all the advice I can get.