Guest Post: How To Prepare To Be A Girl Mom

This guest blog post about preparing to be a girl mom is written by Elizabeth Stone, a soon-to-be-mama with a passion for making pregnancy and motherhood beautiful. On her blog,, she takes the day-to-day of home life and shares tips, tricks, and experiences to make mom life a little bit more wonderful. Follow along her story on Instagram- @mamaelizabethstone.

I wish there was some way I could convey in words what it felt like to find out that I was pregnant with a baby girl.

preparing to be a girl mom

For the first moments after hearing the news, images of pink dresses and ballet class swirled around my brain. Then, a different feeling set in. I could feel the amount of potential she was capable of and what it meant to be pregnant with a little girl. I could already feel the incredible responsibility it was to be her mother. (Click here to see our gender reveal!)

Being a girl mom today means more than it has – perhaps in all history. Women are finding their voice and their place in the home, the workplace, and in their communities. Women can do it all, and I hope that my daughter lives in a world that lets her live her dreams unapologetically. Today more than ever, little girls are born into a world where they have every opportunity to be who they want to be, and it’s a mother’s job to let her know that. To show her that with our examples.

Part of my excitement about having a baby girl is the bows and pink nursery and putting on a tiny leotard before her dance class. There is nothing wrong about embracing and loving femininity- to me that is a huge part of true feminism. But a bigger part of my excitement is that I have the opportunity to help define what womanhood will look like in the future- and what is more beautiful than that?

I’m not quite sure on how to prepare for such a huge responsibility, but I do know how I want my daughter to feel, and who I want to help her become.

I want to teach her to love fiercely. I want her to never feel the need to compete with other person or to wear her skin like an apology. I want her to know that she is lovely – but that she is also much more than that. She is powerful, she is good. She has every right to respect, love, and kindness even when the world may tell her those are things to be earned. I want her to embrace being a girl and help redefine what being female looks like in the future.

Those are heavy, important responsibilities. And I don’t exactly know how they should be taught. Maybe when a princess obsession comes along, I’ll support her in it and then teach her that princesses have political responsibility to watch over their kingdoms. Maybe when boys are mean to her on the playground I’ll teach her to expect an apology instead of brushing it off because “they like her.” And maybe when I don’t feel confident in my body, I’ll refrain from criticizing it and I’ll choose love and self-acceptance instead. That way, when she doesn’t feel confident in her body, she will do the same.

Being a girl mom is a huge opportunity, and it’s hard to know where to start. But I’m certain it starts somewhere inside our own hearts. The hearts of the mothers. Before we can teach our daughters to be who we want them to be, we have to show them a mom that can do the same thing. We have to be the kind of person we want them to be. So mamas, check yourself. Do you want your daughter to be like you? Do you feel confident in your abilities and your potential? Do you love fiercely? If not, start there. I know that I am cleansing from the inside out to be able to be more like the woman I want my daughter to be. And I hope she can look up to her parents knowing that in their imperfections and weaknesses, they are still worth looking up to.