Jemma’s 5 Month Update

Our sweet Jemma Jolie is 5 months old! Well, she turned 5 months over a week ago but better late than never right? Now that she’s older and reaching so many milestones, I’m really wanting to start doing monthly updates.

Jemma is:

  • A little over 14 lbs, 24 inches long.
  • Still in size 2 diapers, but we will be sizing up super soon!
  • Wearing some 6 month clothes (depends on the brand…she still fits in some of her 0-3…our petite little girl!).
  • Still a redhead! Now that her hair is slowly but surely growing more, it’s very much red! She’s just not as bright red as I was as a baby and more like my little sister Lydia — more auburn than orangey red.

Jemma can:

  • Roll over! She’s been rolling over from her tummy to her back for a couple of months now, but just started to roll over from back to front last week! And now she can’t stop…makes diaper changes an Olympic sport for us.
  • Scoot! She gets up on her arms and knees and is starting to scoot around (heaven help us).
  • Say “mama!” It’s not really my name…she’s just making that ma ma ma sound, but it’s so cute!

Jemma loves:

  • Touching and grabbing EVERYTHING. She loves looking and laughing at herself in the mirror but gets a little mad because she can’t get that baby she’s looking at! We also had to take the little animals off her mobile on her swing because she was almost ripping them off herself and would get so upset that she couldn’t take them off and play with them.
  • Scratching things…the bed, pillows, the table, floor, my skin….yeah. It’s the weirdest thing but also cute.
  • Her daddy! Cristian is the one who can make her laugh the most, it’s so fun to see them together.
  • Snuggles with mommy!

Jemma has started to:

  • Want food! She watches soooo intently whenever someone is drinking or eating anything. She even had her first taste of rice cereal today! She loved it.
  • Try to sit up! She does these hilarious “crunches” when she’s lying down and will sit and stand up with a little bit of help!

Life as parents is never easy but we are loving it and she makes everything so worth it. Her sweet little spirit is exactly what we needed and we are so happy to be a family.