This Easy Diaper Changing Station Hack Will Change Your Life

Life with a new baby means your entire routine has to change. It will most likely revolve around feedings, naps, smiles, and diaper changes. So many diaper changes! There’s tons of different ways to set up a diaper changing station. I’ve come across the easiest — so your diaper changes can be more efficient and free up time for even more smiles and laughs.

The EASIEST Diaper Changing Station Hack

This diaper changing station hack will probably seem like a no brainer to many of you. It all comes down to having a storage bucket or basket you can keep all diaper changing station necessities in. This way, you can take it anywhere in your house.

Diaper Changing on the Floor

We like to keep ours on the floor because honestly, that’s where we do the majority of her diaper changes. Our crib has a diaper changing station attached to it (we got it for free — it’s really just a changing table with drawers underneath. But we use those for her clothes, since we’re living with my parents and only have one room for the three of us, so space is super limited).

My postpartum recovery was a little rough and I had no desire (or strength) to stand at a changing table for diaper changes.

Changing her on the floor also means it’s easier to prevent a mess when/if she pees while we’re changing her diaper. When she was littler, we would put a towel under the changing pad just in case, and it worked for us!

Thus, our floor diaper changing station was born.

We keep diapers (are favorites are Pampers! Huggies don’t seem to have the same absorbency, Luvs give her diaper rash), wipes and Aquaphor diaper rash cream in the bucket. That way, we always have what we need right there.

diaper changing station hack
Those baby feet!!!! All the heart eyes.

Set Up Your Own Floor Diaper Changing Station

We have the Munchkin Designer Diaper Change Kit ($13.79) from Target and LOVE it. It comes with a pad, case with compartments for wipes and other items, and a clear plastic wipes case that I like to keep in my diaper bag. My Freshly Picked diaper bag comes with a diaper changing pad that I always keep in there and use out in public, and then we use the Munchkin one at home.

The bucket we got is also from Target, but any bucket or basket will work. Even one of those collapse-able canvas storage drawers for bookshelves would do. We like canvas, but feel free to get creative — wicker or wire would also be fun! Here are some favorites that are the perfect size:

And as far as throwing the diapers away, we just toss them into the garbage can in our room.

diaper changing station hack

Changing her on the floor also means she has the perfect view of our faces for giggles and smiling!

diaper changing station hack