Must Do In Salt Lake City: Date Night At The Roof Restaurant on Temple Square

Now that my husband and I have a baby, going out on dates isn’t always easy. We have to find someone to watch her (thankfully my parents can’t resist her cuteness), I have to make sure she has enough milk left behind, etc. etc. So date nights can kind of be a special occasion around here. And when the opportunity to try The Roof Restaurant on Temple Square in Salt Lake City presented itself for our first date night since our baby girl was born, we jumped at it.

It was an absolute dream, and perfect for our first post baby date. Cristian had been there before but I hadn’t. I remember always wanting to go to The Roof since watching Charly and admiring the fancy restaurant they eat at overlooking the Salt Lake City LDS temple in one of the scenes.

The Roof is home to Utah’s premier gourmet dinning buffet and is located on the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The buffet had so many choices!

The Food

You start your meal with a complimentary Lion House Roll (seriously melts in your mouth), and can order a drink if you choose.

I got the mango raspberry smoothie. It was so refreshing after a hot day.

There was a salad and antipasti bar, entrees and a dessert buffet to DIE FOR. My favorite from the salad bar was the watermelon feta salad, but the caprese was good too!

My favorite entree was hands down the steak medallions with hollandaise sauce. It was my first time having hollandaise since getting pregnant and I was in HEAVEN.

And it just kept getting better and better….the dessert bar had so many choices I obviously couldn’t choose!

My favorites ended up being the creme brulee and key lime mousse.

The Feeling

We loved the atmosphere. Perfect view, romantic setting, and the service was great. We especially loved the man playing the beautiful glass piano. He kept playing songs from The Greatest Showman and played my Les Mis request (On My Own — my favorite. He said it was giving him all the feels).


The views are seriously killer from the restaurant and then the rest of the 10th floor as well. Not only can you see the temple, but all of downtown SLC, too. If you don’t take advantage of the photo op outside the restaurant, you will so miss out.

Just LOOK at that sexy baby daddy of mine!

Speaking of life after pregnancy/birth, taking these photos was a little nerve-wracking for me. I would be lying if I didn’t say my postpartum period has been h.e.l.l. I talk about it a little bit in this Instagram post.

My body is far from the same.

My self confidence feels shattered at times.

I choose a nap over doing my hair or putting on makeup 9 out of 1o times and I often hate myself for it. I look at other “Instagram” moms who’ve also recently had babies and don’t understand how they’ve lost the baby weight so quickly and how in the world they have the energy to get ready every day.

But you know what?

There is nothing wrong with celebrating that one time I’m able to do my hair and makeup. Then, I can go back to sitting around my house with just my underwear on just drinking in my sweet Jemma’s baby snuggles. I made her and my body went through a lot for her. That’s more than okay.

Dress: Mikarose Clothing // Shoes: Target

So, I’m grateful I have these pictures. I celebrating looking put together with my hottie husband and ate to my heart’s content (breastfeeding is a ravenous business).

10/10 would recommend!

The Roof Restaurant Prices

The buffet at The Roof costs $42 for adults, $18 for youth ages 7-11, and $9 for children 4-6. View the menu here and make a reservation here (click the green “make a reservation” button).


Our meal at The Roof was compensated by Temple Square, but my views are my own.