How To Dress Your Little Girl For Her LDS Baby Blessing

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Your baby’s blessing day is one of the first milestones you’ll experience as a new parent. It’s exciting to present your baby to the church and congregation. It can also be exciting to figure out what your baby will wear. Here are some tips on how to pick out your little girl’s LDS baby blessing outfit.

What Does My Baby Wear?

There really isn’t a right or wrong when it comes to the LDS baby blessing outfit. There’s no church policy that says the baby needs to wear white, it’s just tradition. You can really let your baby wear whatever you’d like, but since the blessing will take place at church during sacrament meeting (unless you get approval for it to be done somewhere else like your home), the outfit should be Sunday appropriate.

Baby girls usually wear a white (or off white/Ivory) dress similar to a christening dress, and some sort of head accessory like a bonnet or headband.

The Baby Blessing Dress

The dress for your LDS baby blessing outfit is the most important part. (It’s the majority of the outfit!)

long LDS baby blessing dress

My little Jemma was just blessed on Father’s Day. Not only was it really special for my husband, Cristian, to bless her on his first Father’s Day, but she was wearing the dress he wore when he was christened into the Catholic church when he was a baby.

It actually fit her! I’m not going to lie, I was so nervous it wouldn’t!

Where to buy an LDS baby blessing dress

There are a lot of Utah based online shops (some also have store fronts) that sell LDS baby blessing dresses, like Dressed in White, White Elegance, and the Baby Blessing Boutique. However, dresses can sometimes run a little pricey on these sites, so keep that in mind! If you’re looking for some cheaper options, a tip is to search on Amazon or Etsy for “baby girl christening dress” or “baby girl baptism dress.”

I also love this darling baby blessing dress from Temple dress store Q.Noor, for $55. It’s simple, cute, and looks super comfortable for the baby.

The LDS Store (or Distribution Center as Mormons call it) also has a white infant dress that can be used for blessings and temple sealings. Best part is it’s only $28!

LDS Baby Blessing Dress Types

We were lucky enough to have a family heirloom dress that our baby girl could wear. But if you don’t, there’s a couple of ways to go about finding the perfect one. First, decide on these two things:

  1. Length of the dress
  2. Length of the sleeves

Depending on what look you’re going for, you can decide if you want the dress to be long or short and have long sleeves or short. A longer dress is more traditional, and you don’t have to worry about shoes. But short dresses are cute, too!

Here are a few short sleeved options with varying lengths:

This short baby blessing dress is adorable, and only $24.95:

And here are some long sleeved options:

The big bow on the back of this long sleeved short baby blessing dress is SO CUTE:

Something that we’re thinking of doing is turning the dress we used into even more of a family heirloom by using it for each of our future baby girls. We might somehow incorporate a ribbon into the dress that we can embroider each of their names and dates of their blessings on, just like my mom did for the blessing dress me and my sisters wore.

The Accessories

While a head accessory isn’t necessary or required for a baby girl to wear on her LDS baby blessing day, it can complete the outfit and be extra adorable.


Many blessing/christening/baptism dresses come with a bonnet that matches the dress. These can sometimes be a little cheesy, though.

There are a couple of handmade bonnet shops that are popular on Instagram that make the cutest little linen bonnets. Briar Handmade has a sweet little Ivory one, and Fawn and Lace makes ones with a ruffle trim, but you have to keep an eye out for drops to know when they will be available.

Flower Crowns

This option is a little bit more unique, but so much fun! This is what we went with for Jemma’s blessing outfit. I didn’t want a bonnet because I wanted to show off her little red hair, and I wanted something different. Plus, we can use it again and again, even for my sister’s wedding in August!

LDS baby blessing flower crown headband

LDS baby blessing flower crown headband

I just google searched for something like “felt flower crown headband baby” and I discovered Heart Strong Boutique on Etsy.

The shop has so many fun flower crown choices! I was wanting something white, though, and was so excited when I found one that was a bit more ivory so it matched her heirloom blessing dress perfectly. Her exact flower crown headband is not currently available, but this similar one is also cute, just has a bit more greenery in it.

The shipping was so fast and I had the headband within a couple of days.

LDS baby blessing flower crown headband


For a simpler look, go with a cute headband! I’m OBSESSED with Baby Bling Bows. They’re awesome because they don’t leave indentations on your baby’s head like some of the nylon headbands do.

I recently got Jemma this adorable white one with a pom pom trim to go with her 4th of July outfit and I’m in love! I also realized that she has a lot of outfits that don’t have a bow to match, and white goes with everything. It’s our new favorite 🙂

Tip for buying Baby Bling Bows:
Baby Bling also sells their bows as a vendor inside boutiques and places like Nordstrom. You can go to the Baby Bling website and use the store locator to find one nearest you. However, keep in mind that the bow you want might not be available at that store. If you don’t want to take the risk and can wait for shipping, order from the site OR from — where shipping is free!

Here are few of the different retailers that sell Baby Bling. Click on each bow for color options:

What do baby boys wear?

Little boys also traditionally wear white to be blessed. The options are endless — you can dress him in a little white suit, white bloomers with suspenders and a white shirt with a bowtie, a romper, etc.

What is an LDS Baby Blessing?

An LDS baby blessing is similar to a christening or baptism, but it is not an actual baptism (children get baptized into the LDS church at 8 years old) and is a “non-saving ordinance.” This means that unlike baptism, a baby blessing is not necessary to be exalted in the next life (life after death). It usually happens soon after the baby is born — around 6 weeks, but it can be sooner or later depending on the parents’ preference. The child getting blessed is given a name (that they will be known on the records of the church) and then a priesthood blessing by their father or someone close to them who holds the Melchizedek priesthood. The blessing usually contains sweet promises and counsel/advice from Heavenly Father for the child’s life. Read more about LDS priesthood blessings here.

Are you not a member of the Mormon/LDS church and have been invited to attend a baby blessing and aren’t sure what to expect? Read this helpful article.

Jemma’s Blessing Day

Jemma Jolie’s blessing day was so special! Like I said, it was on Father’s Day. Cristian’s birthday was the next day, so we invited his family to come up to celebrate. Everyone came! It was so cool and fun for Cristian because he hasn’t had his entire family together like that in YEARS. So they all got to meet Jemma,  and be there for her blessing, Father’s Day and his birthday.

Cristian’s family
Cristian’s sister Jamie
My family
All of our friends and family together!

There was so much joy!

Of course, Jemma slept through the whole thing and was having a hard time staying awake for photos…

Cristian trying to wake her up. Look at those cheeks!

It was a day (and weekend!) we’ll never forget. Cristian gave her the most precious blessing, and it was a very emotional experience for all of us, but especially for him.

We can’t wait to see what adventures come our way as a little family of three!

Cristian, trying to get Jemma to smile