A Letter To My Unborn Baby Girl

Dear baby girl,

Where do I start?

All week long I’ve been having false labor pains, and I go to bed each night hoping that night or the next day is when I’ll finally get to meet you earthside.

Your dad and I can’t stop thinking about you. About what (or should I say who) you’ll look like, what your little personality will be like, and how much our lives are going to change because of you.

You know what, sweetheart?

I think you’re going to save us.

The past year or so of our lives has put us through challenges most married couples don’t experience until they’ve been married much, much longer than us. Because of this, our marriage is so strong, and we think it needed to be like this so we could welcome you.

But all the hurt and struggles? You will make up for them. You will be worth it.

We know bringing you into the world and all the adjustments that will need to take place won’t be easy.

But you will be worth it.

Our spirits need you. We miss you!

I’ve struggled throughout my pregnancy with you in multiple ways. Physically and mentally, and I’ve experienced quite a bit of emotional trauma while growing you. For this, I feel so sorry. But when I finally have you in my arms, I know I’ll look back and none of it will matter. And I promise to be the best mama I can be for you.

Baby girl, I want you to know a few things:

You will always be beautiful to me.

You are strong, and capable of anything you put your mind to.

Your hardships (whether it be illness or even just rejection from a boy or a bad hair day) will make you into the woman you need to be, and came here to be.

And we will help you learn all of this. You have become our purpose, our mission.

We don’t have much to give you in terms of physical things — your nursery is in the same room as our bedroom and living room put into one — but at the same time, it’s more than what a lot of babies get. And you will always have everything you need. Plus, we have so much more to give you, so much more that actually matters than the material things.

We have love.

You can come any time now, baby J.