Tips for Watching LDS General Conference as a Married Couple

This LDS General Conference is the last one Cristian and I have together just the two of us. Next time it rolls around, we’ll have a 5 month old to share it with. That’s such a crazy thought!

tips for watching lds general conference together married couples

married couple watches lds general conference together

Watching conference together is such a special experience, I thought it’d be fun to put together some tips for watching it together as married couples! There’s so much to gain from LDS General Conference for marriages. These tips can apply to married couples with or without children, and also to couples who are dating or engaged.

1. Pray together before LDS General Conference starts

This is an important one! Sure, each session of conference starts and ends with a prayer, but saying one together as a couple too is so much more personal. Plus, you get the chance to ask Heavenly Father to help you both receive the personal revelation you might be seeking. It will also show Him that you are ready, and it will bring the two of you closer together as conference starts.

2. Establish some sort of tradition

When my family watches LDS General Conference with my grandma, we always make plättar (Swedish pancakes very similar to crepes) and/or aebleskiver (Danish pancake puffs). It’s something I always look forward to and makes watching conference that much more special. Establishing a tradition like this together as a married couple can be something that gets the two of you (and in the future, your children) excited for conference.

3. Be present

While making sure there is something yummy to eat is great, make sure that everything is cooked and prepared ahead of time, before a session of LDS General Conference starts. And if you have other things to do (obviously some responsibilities cannot be avoided, like work), make sure those are also taken care of. It’s never fun to feel like you’re watching conference alone when your spouse is off doing something else in the house. Complete chores and cooking, etc. together so that you can spend time watching conference together.

4. Counsel together about specific goals you’d like to achieve

lds general conference journal note taking

Before conference starts, counsel together as a couple about goals or improvements you’d like to make to your marriage. Then, commit to listening to the speakers seeking ways that might help you achieve those goals or improvements. Apply the first tip and pray together for these specifics.

Cristian and I try to hold a marriage counsel (we call it marriage inventory, like companionship inventory for those of you who are returned LDS missionaries), on Sunday nights. We have a little journal we keep nearby during our inventories that we can write goals, commitments or impressions in. Using a journal like this that both of you can write notes from conference in that can apply to your marriage is a great way to be more unified as spouses during conference.

lds general conference married couple kiss

5. Attend a session together

If you are able, attend a session of LDS General Conference in Salt Lake City together. If you can’t get tickets or live far away, attend a session in your local church building, where many broadcast the sessions for those who can’t watch on TV or the internet. This gives you the opportunity to put Sunday clothes on and pay closer attention than you might at home in your jammies. You could also get dressed up just to watch at home, too! See if it makes a difference if you sometimes have a hard time paying attention like I do 😉

How to watch LDS General Conference

There are soooo many ways to watch conference. You can watch on TV if you have the BYUtv channel, online at or on the Mormon Channel’s YouTube, app, Roku and more. You can also find broadcasts at an LDS meetinghouse near you by clicking here.