The Ultimate First Trimester Survival Guide

first tri survival guide
The 1st trimester of pregnancy can be such a doozy, complete with morning sickness and tons of hormone changes. So here are some first trimester essentials and must-haves that helped me through mine!

My morning sickness was ROUGH…I only threw up about once a week, but my nausea was CONSTANT.  So a lot of these items help with morning sickness/overall nausea.

Ginger Ale
If you’re experiencing morning sickness or any kind of nausea, Ginger ale will be your best friend. This was my drink of choice while going out to eat, and I always had some on hand at home. The individual mini bottles are great because it’s easy to just stash one in your purse while going out, and if you’re not drinking A TON (I really just needed little sips throughout the day) they will take way longer to go flat after being opened compared to a full 2-liter bottle.

Sea Bands
These magical little things will save your life. Sea Bands are wrist bands that have a little plastic stud attached to the inside center that exerts pressure and stimulates the P6 (or Nei-Kuan) acupressure point, and are a great drug-free way to relieve nausea.

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Keep in mind that they won’t work for everyone but seriously, they’re worth a try. I was a little skeptical myself at first, especially since I tried actual acupuncture with needles when I was 16 and it freaked me out. Sea Bands are a low-key way to try acupuncture. I really love these ones because they are fabric so they’re extra comfortable, and if they get dirty you can toss them in the wash.

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You need to wear both at the same time for them to work, and if you ever feel especially nauseous, you can push on the outside of the stud to activate more pressure. I wore them all the time during my first trimester, sometimes for 24 hours at a time, even at night. I got mine from Target, but you can also get Sea Bands on Amazon.

Prenatal vitamins
I actually started taking prenatal vitamins when we were trying to get pregnant. However, I started taking them consistently once I found out I was pregnant. I started with a pill and HATED it. It was so hard for me to remember to take, and I did not love having to swallow a pill with such bad nausea. Horrible as it is, I took them on a daily basis once I got some prenatal gummy vitamins. These Vitafusion prenatal gummy vitamins are what I take, and I love that they taste like lemonade. They are a DHA, folic acid and multivitamin. Prenatals are important to take because during pregnancy, your daily intake requirements for certain nutrients, such as folic acid (folate), calcium, and iron increase, according to the American Pregnancy Association. It’s especially important at the start of pregnancy when you may be too sick to eat a well-balanced diet.

Comfy sweats
I felt very bloated my first trimester, and adding that to the nausea? Being comfortable was so important. I bought these Gilligan & O’Malley pajama pants from Target and pretty much lived in them. The great thing is that they still fit me and will continue to into my third trimester!

Snacks — Sharp cheddar cheese and club crackers
This is pretty much all I ate for a little while (kidding, but not…). I tried saltine crackers at first, but for some reason they gave me tummy troubles. I really liked eating club crackers because they had a little bit more flavor and substance to them. I’d usually eat them with some sharp cheddar cheese, and I LOVED Tillamook Tillamoos in the Sharp White Cheddar flavor. Another item that was super easy to take with me on the go. And good protein, too! You can get them from most grocery stores. However, if you can’t find them, you can order Tillamoos from the Tillamook store.

Water bottle
I try to drink half my body weight in ounces in water when pregnant. Since I became stricter with this, I’ve found I just generally feel better, and I don’t get nearly as many headaches or migraines. Plus, it’s super important to stay hydrated during pregnancy so the baby doesn’t get dehydrated, which can cause pregnancy complications such as neural tube defects, low amniotic fluid, and preterm labor. I’ve found that having a water bottle that’s easy to use gets me to drink water more. I am so in love with my Contigo autoseal water bottle. It’s stainless steel, drinks can stay cold (or hot!) for up to 28 hours, and it’s leak and spill proof! Even if I leave it open, it autoseals so it won’t spill. I take it with me wherever I go, and even leave it right next to my bed so I can just reach over and get a drink during the night without spilling.

Pregnancy app
My favorite pregnancy app is Ovia. It shows you how big your baby is getting based off of your due date and provides weekly updates. It also has a symptoms lookup, AND food/medication safety lookup.Having Ovia at the start of my pregnancy meant I never had to question whether a medication I was taking or food I was eating was good for my baby. And for later in pregnancy, it has a kick counter and contraction timer. You can download Ovia pregnancy on the Apple iTunes app store or Google Play.

Preggie pops
Another quick way to relieve nausea and morning sickness is Preggie Pops by Three Lollies! They’re natural, which is always a plus for me, especially when pregnant. I particularly liked the Preggie Pop Drops lozenges, which are individually wrapped and can be stashed anywhere. The ones I like come in a variety pack of sour raspberry, green apple, sour tangerine and sour lemon. There’s also Preggie Pop Drops Plus, which have nausea-fighting B6 added.

Lemons are one of the best anti-nausea foods, in my opinion! Whenever my husband and I went out to eat when I was in my first trimester, I always asked the waiter for some lemons. I would literally just suck on a wedge and it would make me feel so much better. You can squirt some of the juice into your water or cut up some wedges and toss them in there. Sometimes even just sniffing a cut up lemon can help with morning sickness.

There we have it! Those are my first trimester survival tips and must-haves. I hope they help you! Was there anything that helped you that I didn’t mention? Tell me in the comments!


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