Our Christmas present gender reveal: We’re having a GIRL!


We got the best Christmas of our lives on Christmas Eve during our gender reveal — our baby is a GIRL!

Entrusting my sister Brynn, we had our ultrasound tech email her the results at our anatomy scan the Thursday before Christmas Eve, without telling us if the baby is a boy or girl.

We had planned (for months!) to wait until I was more around 20 weeks, since it would be near Christmas, and do a special gender reveal with my family in Utah, since that’s where we were celebrating Christmas.

My sister’s plan was to get a teddy bear (since we’re the Joub-BEARS) from Build-A-Bear, dress it in either a girl or boy outfit, put it in the box it comes in and wrap it as a Christmas present.

The anticipation was crazy! Watch the reveal (recorded on Facebook Live) below.

Brynn tricked us and put a raincoat (that had both pink AND blue on it) over the outfit! She had told me she was maybe planning on doing that, as a “Portland joke,” but I forgot. So all we saw when we started to pull the bear out of the box was the blue hood. We totally thought it was a boy. Then I remembered, and asked if we were supposed to unzip the jacket. Then, we had some trouble unzipping it. I WAS DYING.

Then, finding out it’s a girl, brought me so much peace and relief. I even started to cry.

We were so focused on opening the box and finding out that we didn’t notice my aunt Asuka had snuck out somewhere and pulled out this cake she made for us with pink hearts all over the front. Brynn had told her when she found out so she could make it ahead of time. It was so sweet (and delicious! 😉 ) of her!

Crazy as it is, I’ve always felt a connection to this little girl. I’ve prayed about her, had dreams about her, and have felt little spiritual “nudges” from her throughout my young adult life, even long before I got married. I knew without a doubt that I would love a little boy just the same, but couldn’t get over how strongly I felt about having a girl — this girl — first.

And Cristian is just as happy. He wanted a girl too, especially in the last few weeks as the reveal got closer and closer. Of course he wanted a boy, but mostly to oppose me and to “carry on his name.” But the more he thought about it, the more he knew a girl was just right. And that little girl is going to be SUCH a daddy’s girl, I just know it.


And funny story: at our anatomy scan, the tech sent all the pics and videos he took EXCEPT the one showing the gender to my phone. We were sent back out to the lobby to wait for my midwife, and I decided to take a look at the pics. Cristian went to the bathroom, and as he was coming out, I gasped, put my hand over my mouth and told him I had just accidentally found out what the baby was. “Don’t you DARE tell me!” Cristian said. I explained to him that I had been looking at the screen of stats the tech sent, and saw the sex written there. (Because it said SEX: FEMALE.) He grabbed my phone and instantly deleted the photo without looking at it so he wouldn’t find out too, since he didn’t want the reveal ruined for him. I sat there in shock. A couple minutes passed, and I realized something. He had sent us the same screen of stats during our 9 week ultrasound. I went through my phone and found the pic, looked at it, and it said the same thing, SEX: FEMALE right next to 10/20/91……my birthday. You guessed it — I had been looking at my own stats. 😂 When I thought I had found out, SEX: FEMALE was of course the very first thing I saw (Cristian says I was looking through the photos digging for something…he might be right ☺) and I was sure that wasn’t my own sex because duh I’m female….I’m having a baby.

Cristian asked me after we realized I hadn’t actually found out if I was disappointed that I ruined the reveal for myself that we’d been planning for months. I told him “well yeah, I was bummed. But not really — I had a few really happy minutes there.” Since I so badly wanted it to be a girl.

We’ll laugh about it for the rest of our lives.

We are so, SO excited! We’ve even started our registry since I’m measuring at 23 weeks. We were at Target last night and as we were going though the aisles and I was oooing and ahhhing at all the cute girl stuff, Cristian said that while he’s so happy we’re having a girl, he’s not excited about all the girly shopping 😉