3 tips for dressing your growing baby bump


It’s a question I’ve definitely asked myself multiple times: When to start buying maternity clothes? Well, now that well into my 2nd trimester, my belly is really starting to grow, my clothes are fitting less and less. But I’m still not big enough to go crazy and buy a ton of maternity clothes. So I’ve really had to make the most of the clothes I already have. I thought I’d share 3 tips on how to dress your growing bump!


1. Wear your looser-fitting tops.

This sounds like a no-brainer, right? It is! Don’t spend your money on maternity tops until you REALLY need them. I’m lucky the loose, baggier fit shirts (like the boyfriend fit!) are so in right now, because it means my closet still fits my belly and I’m still comfy. The top I’m wearing here is a bit longer in the back, so it also still covers a bit of my growing bum 😉



2. Dresses!

Wear ALL the dresses! I already had a couple that hit right above my bump, so they work perfectly for my 2nd trimester, and will still work in my 3rd. Plus, you don’t have to worry about pants! It’s a win-win.

3. Get a pair of maternity pants/leggings.

This is the one thing I had to get when my clothes started not to fit, and what I think is a necessary item if you’ve reached your 2nd trimester. It’s best to get a stretchy pair, so they grow with you. Something I didn’t realize is that maternity clothes come in standard sizes too, like whaaat? But duh, of course they do. So you could always size down in leggings or stretchy pants so they fit a little bit better. The one’s I’m wearing are from Target, and aren’t leggings but totally feel like them, and look like actual pants. Amazon also has some great options.


These 3 tips have been my go-to’s lately when it comes to picking out what to wear.

Since I’m getting closer and closer to meeting this little babe, (I’m practically halfway!), things are getting more real, and I’m even more grateful than before that I’ve been chosen to be their mama.

Now, tell me your tips for dressing the bump!

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