A little Joub-BEAR cub is coming!

We knew we were pregnant when I changed the name of the blog, but we were WAY too early to tell anyone.

I’m 14 weeks and the baby is due May 1st! So it could come the end of April or who knows…I was early and my mom’s first baby, so we’ll see!

Today marks my 2nd trimester (FINALLY!) and I’m really hoping I start feeling better soon. My nausea is getting a little better, but I still have plenty of it. And I feel even more exhausted now than ever, but feel so glad to be carrying this little Joub.

Getting pregnant wasn’t easy, and the timing of it has been so crazy we cannot deny the divinity of it all. More on that soon!


And as far as our announcement goes, I wanted to incorporate our last name, since it is pronounced Joe-BEAR. I thought getting a little bear suit and holding that up would be cute, and I picked up this cardboard banner from Michaels to use with it. I just used a sharpie to write our due date on it. The bear suit is from Carters, and is sooooo soft!

We can’t wait to welcome this little miracle into the world!