Our 6 month wedding anniversary cake smash

Even though we forgot to pick up our cake on our wedding day, it sure made for some fun 6 months later.

If you haven’t heard the story, you can read it here.

So, the bakery we went through was just as frazzled as we were that day and had a ton of other cakes getting picked up that day. They said we could get the cake remade for free any time. We decided our 6 month anniversary was a perfect time.

To celebrate, the two of us cut it and did a little cake smash on Facebook. Watch it below! Skip to 3:55 to see the smashing. The end is the best part 😉

It was so much fun.

Life with Cristian has been far better than I could have imagined. He is all I ever wanted and SO MUCH MORE. We have our challenges, trust me. But they are easier knowing that we were married in the temple and are sealed for eternity. Remembering that makes everything we experience together so worth it, and the tricky things about marriage seem so silly. He makes me an infinitely better person and not only helps me make goals, but he tries to accomplish them with me!

Here’s to the next 6 months, years, decades, and eternity!