DIY farmhouse style kitchen herb planter


Since we live in a tiny studio apartment, having our own garden is a little tricky.

But Cristian and I both enjoy cooking (maybe him a bit more than me) and we wanted fresh herbs easily accessible. So we decided to get crafty and made this cute kitchen herb planter! It’s kind of like an herb garden hack, if you will. 😉


And it was relatively inexpensive to put together.

We got the tub from Walmart for around $8, the cute copper garden stakes and rub on herb names from the Target value bins (aka my favorite place on earth), and the plants from home depot for about $3 each.



We filled the tub about halfway with soil, then arranged our herbs.




Just look at my handsome hubs in his happy place!


The rub-on transfers were so easy to use, too. We didn’t even need water!


We filled the tub up with the rest of the soil, tucking in our herbs to ensure each plant had the right amount surrounding it.



The transfers didn’t come with a “sage” so I wrote it on one of the stakes with a sharpie.

It was so much fun to make something together with our hands, and the planter not only provides us with fresh herbs but also some greenery in our apartment!