5 ways to clean your lips before applying LipSense


One of the most important — and often overlooked — parts about using/applying LipSense is that your lips need to be clean AND dry beforehand. I know I tend to skip it when I’m in a rush or feeling lazy, but can notice a difference when I do.

Since LipSense bonds to the lips (much like nail polish does to nails), when lips aren’t clean, the lipstick won’t go on as easily. Cleaning your lips before you apply means that your lips will be free of dry or dead skin that could prevent LipSense from going on smoothly and lasting longer.

So, here are 5 ways you can clean your lips — some of them in a pinch — so you can get the most out of your LipSense!


1. Use a spoolie brush/mascara wand 

You better believe these aren’t JUST for your eyebrows/lashes! This is a great way to brush off that dry skin. Just take a clean spoolie and brush it across your lips! It’s a great on-the-go option — you can stick one in your purse and pull it out when you want to put some LipSense on. While using, you can also get the spoolie a little wet (if you have access to water), which will help with the cleaning. I got a pack of 12 from my local Sally Beauty for $3.69 (they’re labeled as disposable mascara wands), but you can also find some on Amazon.


2. Tape

This one is by far the most strange…but it works! Take a piece of clear tape and fold it, connecting the two ends to each other. Then, slip it onto your finger and use it to pat your lips.


Not only does this take of dry/dead skin, but also any oils your lips may have on them. And the really great thing is that you can buy tape pretty much anywhere — chances are you already have some!

3. Toothbrush

My favorite! Using a toothbrush is by far probably the most effective in my opinion, although the spoolie brush comes close. I picked one up at Target for like $1. The Dollar Tree is a great place too. All you need is the cheapest option, so it’s also a relatively inexpensive tool. I just keep mine right next to my regular toothbrush in my bathroom. And that’s important — make sure you have one reserved just for your lips because you know, gross. Just rub it back and forth across your lips in a scrubbing motion with water or….

4. Sugar scrub


Your life will never be the same after you use a sugar scrub on your lips. And it’s something you can MAKE at home! I like to keep mine next to my toothbrush. It’s also nice to use after you take your LipSense off or before bed.

Here’s a pretty basic recipe:

  • 2 parts sugar
  • 1 part honey
  • A drop of vanilla

And I actually like to add some coconut oil in mine. The little containers I use are just TSA compliant cosmetic jars from Target.

5. Washcloth/microfiber rag 

I like to use a washcloth with warm water. Any washcloth or microfiber rag will work, but I’ve also heard amazing things about the Makeup Eraser!

It’s also helpful to use some coconut oil. Seriously, I can’t get enough of that stuff!

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