So many things went wrong on our wedding day. But here’s why it didn’t matter

Our wedding day was perfect. And not because everything went perfectly.


It all started the day before our wedding. Everything was a little hectic, as family and friends were arriving and we were doing last-minute shopping and prep. But I had tried my best to remain calm that week (only cried a few times, haha) and while things were crazy, everything was working out for the most part.

I had ordered Cristian’s ring (rose gold covered tungsten) from some site online for pretty cheap. It came in the mail the day before the wedding and I was SO RELIEVED. It looked perfect, too. I thought it seemed a little small but shrugged it off.

I brought it with me to our little rehearsal dinner get together at the Oswego Grill so I could surprise Cristian with it. To my dismay, IT DIDN’T FIT. We had ordered a 7.5, and there’s no way this could have been one. Unfortunately, the ring place we got him measured at was wrong. Plus, I got the ring engraved (it was free) so we couldn’t return it. I started freaking out because it’s not like Cristian could go ring-less…we were having a ring ceremony before the reception for heaven’s sake! My dad, who helped pay for the ring and had done the actual ordering, was going to go to Walmart or someplace to find another, but luckily, Cristian had a mixed metal ring that he had bought in Peru a few years ago that fit his ring finger. We were both still bummed that his actual ring didn’t fit, especially since it would have matched mine, but the ring from Peru was a good replacement because it has copper in it. (We have yet to get him a different ring so he’s painted it with clear nail polish a couple of times so it doesn’t turn his finger blue.)


Then, on our wedding day, everything was going perfectly up until right before our temple sealing. We had an amazing first look photo session with our wedding photographer at our reception venue, which was less than 10 minutes away from the temple. We made it to the temple at a good time, went through all our paper work and we waiting for our escorts with my mom, who had just come in, on the couch in the waiting area past the recommend desk. Then, my sister Brynn came in crying hysterically.

Cristian and I froze. We were both sure someone had died or something.

No. My dad’s temple recommend was just expired.*

Even though no one had died, I still started panicking because my dad was one of our witnesses and HELLO — my dad. Our temple escort assured me that they would figure it out, and they started making some calls. We waited and waited, and then he came back and said they were still working on it, but that if they weren’t able to clear it would we still want to go through with the sealing? I didn’t even hesitate and said of course we would…we were getting married TODAY. (My dad was a little heartbroken when he heard I had said that.) So we started to go through with everything and Cristian and I had our little veil ceremony since I was already endowed. Afterwards, we were taken to the celestial room to wait. Cristian assured me that everything would be OK. He knew my dad would be there, but had a liiiittle bit more faith than I did. We said a very fervent prayer and after maybe 30-45 minutes, we were finally taken in to our sealing room, where my dad was waiting for us! Everyone was there.

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They had to call EVERYONE they could think of (multiple times) in my parent’s stake in Midway, Utah, but it worked out. Our sealer said they had to call upon God and we were like, well we did too. 🙂

We had a beautiful temple sealing.

I’ll never forget walking out of those temple doors with my sweetheart, true love and soulmate to meet my family and friends who were waiting for us.







After we gave everyone hugs and got our flowers (which were 110% perfect, by the way) we gathered for photos. Of course, my younger brother Eli, who was one of Cristian’s groomsmen, couldn’t find his suit jacket and had to wear just his white shirt in pics of the whole family/of the groom with his groomsmen. I wasn’t super happy about that…but decided to shrug it off because so much worse could happen and it was my wedding day!


And Cristian’s brother Nick gave Eli his suit jacket to wear in pics of just our family, so that was good.




Cristian and I stayed with our photographer, my sister and aunt Asuka (so she could help with my dress after photos, since I had buttons down the back and she was the best at undoing them) and everyone else went to get ready for the luncheon so we could get couples photos together at the temple.







We were so behind schedule from having to wait for our sealing that we didn’t even make it to our own luncheon. And my darling mother, who catered not only the luncheon but the whole wedding herself (with the help of some friends) forgot bowls for the soup so everyone had to wait to eat, etc.

There were quite a few things we had procrastinated on, so while our friends and family helped set everything up for the reception, we hurriedly decided on the songs for the father/daughter and mother/son dances and planned who would walk with who down the aisle for our ring ceremony.


And our ring ceremony was better than I could have imagined. Cristian’s previous bishop and good friend officiated for us, and made sure to put the focus on the temple. We started and ended it with a prayer, and didn’t exchange “vows,” but instead shared a little bit of what we mean to each other.





The food was perfect, the venue was perfect, and our florist, photographer and friends/family went above and beyond to make the reception perfect.





We had a few toasts, and then it was time to cut the cake.

Which we realized, WAS NEVER PICKED UP.

Yeah. We forgot to pick up our wedding cake.

Since we were doing cupcakes, we decided to just have a small one-tiered cake for us to cut. I decided on Beaverton Bakery, since they would be about the same price or maybe just a bit more expensive than a grocery store like Albertsons or Safeway, and I could really customize it. I even went in to the bakery and talked with a baker at their wedding shop about what we could do. I wanted it to have a rose gold look, and she told me they could use a pearlizer spray on it to make it shinny. All I needed to do was email her a photo of an example of what I wanted the color to look like so they could match it. I remember her asking me if I wanted it to be done the day before the wedding but I said, “No, I don’t think so, I’m sure someone will be able to pick it up the day of.”


I did a lot of the planning for the wedding by myself, so I use the fact that I had “bridal brain” (like pregnancy brain but for brides) as an excuse for not officially assigning someone to pick the cake up. I remember telling my mom that the cake would be done Friday by 11:30 a.m., so someone would need to pick it up. “Oh, I’m sure Joel (my brother) could do it,” she said. I assumed that meant that she was going to ask him. And then I forgot about it. And I don’t blame her, since she was soooo busy with getting all of the food planned, traveling out to Portland from Utah, and then cooking and baking everything.

And no, we didn’t get a phone call or email from the bakery when we didn’t come pick it up. (It’s OK Beaverton Bakery, I still ❤ you.)

So, some amazing friends who were helping with cupcakes (thank you SO MUCH Audrey and Sophie!) cut up some cupcakes and frosted them, making us a make-shift cake!



It was perfect, and smashing the cake into each others’ faces was one of mine and Cristian’s favorite parts of our reception.





So what if we forgot to pick up our wedding cake?









What mattered is that we were married. And for time and all eternity, too.

It had taken so long for us to find each other again, so nothing would have ruined that day for us.


President Gordon B. Hinckley said:

“There is no substitute for marrying in the temple. It is the only place under the heavens where marriage can be solemnized for eternity. Don’t cheat yourself. Don’t cheat your companion. Don’t shortchange your lives. Marry the right person in the right place at the right time.”

That’s what we did. Both of us married the right person in the right place at the right time.


And that is something we’ll never forget.

*A couple of weeks after our wedding, my dad realized that his temple recommend wasn’t expired…he just had accidentally kept his expired one in his wallet when he got his new one. He just happened to pull out the expired one at the temple. Funny, right? 😉

Photography: Stephanie Jarstad Photography
Flowers: Sweet Posy Floral, Bend, OR
Reception Venue: The Lodge at Mountain Park, Lake Oswego, OR