Our tiny house adventure

My husband, Cristian and I in our matching red long john pajamas (complete with butt flaps) in our first home!

We will look back on the first three weeks of our marriage with VERY fond (and sometimes hilarious/frustrating) memories. Why? Because of the tiny house we got to live in. Even though we were only there for a few weeks, I still wanted to blog about our experience so we can look back and smile/laugh.


Since we are only going to be in Oregon until January or February, we needed somewhere temporary to live. But because we don’t know exactly when Cristian will be getting relocated, finding housing before we got married was a little difficult. We had a couple of options, but the place we really loved had tenants in it that weren’t going to be out in time for us.

But, Cristian ran into a former bishop of one of the wards around the temple when he was working one day. (He was wearing a BYU hat so Cristian went up to him and said “Is that your alma mater?” 😉 ) He ended up giving Cristian a couple of contacts for us. One of them was a couple that owned a dog kennel and had a tiny house on their property. Cristian reached out to them, and they ended up letting us live in the house (or micro cabin, as Cristian would call it) for FREE…as a “wedding present.” These were people we hadn’t even met yet. (The CHURCH IS TRUE, GUYS! And people are just good.) All we were going to have to pay for is electricity. They ended up needing the cabin for relatives who were coming for Christmas, so we checked to see if the first place we saw and loved was available. It was, so we decided to jump on it sooner than later.

We loved the tiny house and we so grateful for the blessing of being able to live there, but we were glad to move into a much bigger place.

Because for one thing, the kitchen sink also served as the bathroom sink. We were spitting our toothpaste out into our dirty dishes.


Cooking was hard or near impossible, but some really kind friends let us borrow an induction stove which pretty much saved our lives. Also get this — the microwave and mini fridge were outside on the front porch. Because there was no room for them inside!

Counter space was very limited, and there was only one outlet in the kitchen area. So, our first Sunday in the cabin we wanted to make french toast together like we do every Sunday. We had some heavy whipping cream left over from the wedding, so I sat on the floor next to our bed using a hand mixer and a tuperware bowl to whip it up.


We didn’t get breakfast trays until right before we moved out, so when we ate on the bed (which was all the time, since we didn’t have room for a table), Cristian would use a cardboard box for a tiny table so nothing would spill on the bed.



The whole house was around 150 square feet. It came with the bed and built-in shelving, and we bought the desk for 20 bucks at Walmart.


We had a small closet that barely fit our clothes.

The bathroom was nice besides the lack of a separate sink, the fact that the sliding door couldn’t close all the way and the fan (which turned on with the light every time) sounded like it was about to blow up. There was a walk-in shower but no tub.

We had run-ins with moths and other types of creepy crawlies, but overall, we loved it there. It’s where I insisted on Cristian carrying me across the threshold, and where we shared some of our first can’t-contain-ourselves laughs as husband and wife.

We’ll never forget it!