Like a deer in headlights

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I know. I can’t believe I got this shot either. Taken with my trusty iPhone this last fall in Midway, Utah’s Huber Grove.

Whenever a deer (or other woodland creature) decides to cross the road right as I am driving by, I always shake my fist at it, wondering in my frustration why it would ever make such a dumb decision. Let alone when it just stops, dead (or almost) in its tracks, and stares while I slam on my brakes. Um, hello?

But I’ve never stopped to think about how scared this fellow living thing might be, especially if it’s dark, it was simply crossing the road to get where it needed or wanted to be, and suddenly these blindingly bright lights are coming towards it. No wonder deer so often stop in this situation. They know where they need to go — but they can’t bring themselves to move.

And no, I haven’t hit a deer. I’ve just recently realized something.

Lately, I’ve been like a deer in headlights.

Everything in my life has been pointing in one very clear direction. This has happened all of a sudden, and it can be quite overwhelming. But at the same time it’s almost miraculous. I know exactly where I’m going and here’s the kicker: it’s all been according to my faith. Finally, I’ve been able to push past my own (and those of the adversary’s) inhibitions and let faith work for me. Faith that if I believe my Father in Heaven will give me everything I righteously desire, He will. Simple as that.

However, with an increase in faith and strengthened relationship with the Lord, an increase in Satan’s desire to capture often comes.

This time, fear is his weapon. Enter, my deer in the headlights feeling.

I know where I am heading and where I need to go. It’s a little scary and a little exciting. It’s the perfect opportunity for Satan to make this big decision to cross the road, if you will, more scary than it needs to be.

Someone in relief society this past sunday said, “When we have fear, it cancels out our faith.”

Never have I been able to relate to this truth more than during this month, which has drained me emotionally, physically and mentally. The only way I’ve been able to pull myself out of that moment of pure fear and panic as these bright lights come towards me is by putting my ultimate trust in my Heavenly Father. Even if I don’t always know what I’m doing, He does.

In a commencement speech at BYU-Hawaii in December 2012 called “Fear Not, I Am With Thee,” Elder David A. Bednar said, “To not take counsel from our fears means that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ overrules our fears and that we press forward with a steadfastness in Him. To not take counsel from our fears means that we trust in God’s guidance, assurance, and timing in our lives.”

True faith overrules our fears!

And while having faith is definitely not always easy, it will bring the brightest joy into our lives and those headlights won’t seem so scary anymore.