Twenty fifteen


I know, I know. A new year’s post. I’m groaning too, folks. Why must we all wait until the beginning of a new year to make goals and resolutions? We should be constantly and consistently striving to improve ourselves. But! I’m especially excited for 2015. Just the sound of it makes me feel anxious, happy and hopeful. I’ve got nothing in particular to complain about 2014 and actually, it was a pretty great year for me when I think about it. Sure, there were some really hard times, but this whole gratitude thing I’ve been working on is definitely in high gear and I’ve been able to notice the many extremely wonderful blessings that have made 2014 truly great. I had a fabulous internship, had surgery to remove my tonsils (which was horrible, but improved my health SO MUCH), went through the temple, started working for the Standard-Examiner as a digital team member, followed by getting hired on full-time as an entertainment reporter, and I bought my own car.

I saw a quote on Pinterest last night that says, “this is the beginning of anything you want.” I really believe that, and that is exactly what 2015 can be like. So, I will now write my 2015 resolutions in stone (aka the internet):

1. Continue to increase my faith in my Savior Jesus Christ, and my Heavenly Father’s plan for me.

2. Attend the temple weekly. (I’ve been pretty good at this for a while now, I just want to keep it up.)

3. Serve others more.

4. Blog at least once a week. I’ve got a shinny new blog that I’m hoping will keep me wanting to share my thoughts and experiences, so let’s do this thang.

5. Improve my health blah blah blah. (Exercise, good eating, continue to limit sugar, etc.).

These are just the basics. I’ve got plenty more where that came from — I’m a goal making maniac who just has a problem with keeping them. But that’s been another great thing about 2014. I’ve definitely gotten better at it and can see the benefits (physically, spiritually, mentally) of making AND keeping goals. Which is another reason why I think 2015 will be my year.