A word for 2014


I know I’m a few weeks late in the game, but I discovered my word for the year just a couple of days ago.

D E V O T E.

Let’s talk about devotion for a second.

“True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself.” -Henry Miller

Devotion — or rather, the thing we are devoting ourselves to — becomes an ingredient to our soul. It fuels the fire, keeps the chin up and feeds our emotions. Without it, what would our motives be? We wouldn’t really have them.

And I’m not really talking about the kind of devotion that involves my 14-year-old self dutifully waiting for my crush to show up online on Myspace.

I’m talking about pure love. True devotion — heart and soul.

Yes. Of course I could be setting myself up for heartbreak and failure. But coming from someone who has lost a lot these past few years, I really don’t have much left to lose.

I even realized the other night, in sincere prayer with my Heavenly Father, that I had even lost myself a little bit.

And honestly, yeah. That sounds depressing. But it’s not. It has opened these brand new doors for me. A clean slate. An opportunity for me to express true devotion like I never have before.

This is a year for me to devote myself.

To devote myself more fully to my Father in Heaven.

To devote myself to truly taking care of my body (mind and spirit included).

To devote myself to bringing more good into this world, and to looking for the good in others more.

To devote myself to rediscovering myself.

To maybe devoting my heart to someone else again. (It’s been a while).

It’s going to be hard. But life is hard. And that’s OK.